5 things that improve your online presence

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In today’s digital age, any individual or business needs a strong online presence to succeed in the business they are involved in. But what does it mean by online presence? We can define online presence like this: Your existence must be found online through a search on the Internet. Or any person searching for a service or product that you are dealing in must get your name or website name on the search results. Technically, if you have a Facebook page, website or Twitter page, that is your online presence. Also, if you are listed in a directory listing that is also called your online presence.

5 Ways to Improve Online Presence

Okay, let’s take it further. If you have a website, you can say that you have an online presence. But, simply having a website doesn’t bring success to you. There is a huge difference between having a static website and an effective online presence that brings leads every day to make your business a successful one. Let’s talk about the most important 5 things that improve your online presence effectively.

1. A website or blog

In this online world, a lot of people search on the internet to get their consumer needs. So, if you have a business or provide a service, a website is a must to bring yourself in front of the people who search for your product or service online, and it is an opportunity you get to introduce to the people who are really in the need of your product or service. And you engage them with your website content talking about your product and service in detail and convince the people to choose your product or service.

Your website is the real, must-have tool for your effective online presence. Your website can be an e-commerce website or just an informative blog but it gives an opportunity to put your products in front of the people who are in need of them. Just make sure that you have an appealing website that engages people to spend some time reading about your product. This is how your website helps you have an online presence to talk about yourself and your product to improve their sales.

2. Social Media Integration

Okay, now you have a website that has pages talking about your products or services but nowadays not everyone uses google search to reach your website through search engines. There is a new world emerging in the digital era that is called social media pages where millions of people just spend their whole day where you must have an online presence.

There are many social media sites available on the internet. But to improve your online presence at least you must have your account on these two social media sites. They are called Facebook and Twitter. For many people around the world, the day starts and ends with Facebook. They can live without food and water but they cannot live without Facebook and Twitter. So, you must have your online presence on these two important social media websites and you must integrate your website with Facebook and Twitter.

There are many videos available on YouTube on how to integrate your website with Facebook or Twitter. You can watch them learn about it. You must integrate your website with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post regularly on them. This will improve your online presence hugely and bring lots of business leads regularly.

Social media integration is nothing but having a day-to-day relationship with your potential customer through daily posts and updates on your social media accounts. This improves your online presence and creates trust in the mind of your potential customer.

Social media accounts provide an opportunity to you to have immediate attention to your customers to clear doubts and provide support and also put your new products in front of them quickly. You also have an opportunity to prepare them to buy your products through your daily attractive business pitches daily. Social media presence is one of the sure ways to boost your online presence.

3. YouTube presence

Another important thing that can improve your online presence is YouTube. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is another online giant that can provide lots of organic traffic to your website. So, you must have your online presence on YouTube too. You can post your videos about your products and services on your YouTube account and embed them on your website and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you want to demonstrate your product or service, you can use YouTube to upload your videos and post video links on your social media pages. Also, you can use YouTube video descriptions to place your website link where people can buy your products/services directly.

Millions of people spend more time on YouTube than any other website in the world. So, you must use this video platform to put your products in front of people. YouTube is also one of the must have a tool that improves your online presence which brings lots of potential traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very important component to improve your online presence. SEO is nothing about getting your website at the top of search results of search engines. By doing this your website traffic increases drastically. To rank higher in the search results, you must optimize your web pages for search engines.

There are two types of SEO that can be done on your web pages, that is onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO is nothing but doing few smaller changes on your existing pages like adding long-tail keywords throughout your content and adding h1 tags and changing the title to exactly how people will search for the page on search engines etc. Also adding alt text to the image helps improve your page to get on the top of search results.

Offsite SEO is nothing but getting backlinks to your web page from other websites that have similar content or talk about similar products. Search engines consider this as a positive vote for your page and they rank your page high on the search results. The more backlinks the page has search engines move your page to the top of the results. Also adding hashtags on your pages helps the page get listed on the
sites that provide search results based on hashtags.

5. Make an email list

Another most important that improves your online presence is an email list. Having an email list of your potential customers and existing customers can help you sell your products repeatedly. You must collect your email list by requesting the visitor to subscribe to your email list on your website and social media pages. Also, you must collect your existing customer’s email address in a separate list. With these two email lists, you must talk to them regularly to have a close relationship with them. You must post special offers for those on your email list.

This way you can impress them and have them with you for a long time which in return helps you sell your products repeatedly to them. This is the best way to convert your leads into sales. So, having an online presence with an active email list is the most important to that brings success to your online business.