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Submit to Directories Still Worth for SEO?

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Today SEO practices are not like before, which are more strict and more rules, many ways to create high-quality backlink profiles for your business. So why do We need high-quality backlinks? Backlinks are the same as votes, and the votes will determine who will lead in all rank competitions in search engine result pages. So when your business gets backlinks, the search engine’s crawlers will calculate the number of backlinks you have, and with it, your business will have the chance to reach a higher position on the search engine results page, which leads visitors.

Website Submission to the Directories

Many things can be done to create quality backlinks for your business, such as: listing them on search engines, reading other people’s blogs and commenting and entering links, share your business stories on social bookmarking sites, writing articles for other people, and adding your business link (Guest Post), or add your business to a web directory, and much more. Until now, many webmasters like web directories and use them because adding your business to the Web Directory does not require special skills such as writing articles or sharing stories.

It’s easy to create backlinks, and there are many ways to do that. However, determining the good or bad of the target and a target list that suits your business is quite tricky. We are aware of both of these. So we create a list of websites and categorize them to make it easier for webmasters to choose the most appropriate target.

Submit a business to a web directory (Directory Submission) can affect several factors that webmasters consider quite essential and can influence the ranking of a business on search engines, and here it is:

It can Increase Domain Authority.

Moz creates a new metric and known asĀ Domain Authority. According to experts, this metric is essential to determine the high or low ranking of a business on search engine results page, the domain authority algorithm was created based on many important factors (Backlinks also a vital element for domain authority) and ranking signals, and its valuation uses numbers starting from 0 to 100 as the highest value. According to Moz, these Numbers can use as a benchmark of how well a business ranks on the search engine results page. Domain authority can represent four things: Reputation, the quality of the information provided, existence, and business excellence in certain subjects.

It can increase Alexa Rank.

Alexa Rank provides deep analytical insights as a web application that assesses the visit of a website with their algorithm, Webmasters widely using the Alexa Rank to tell others how much their business receives the traffic. The high-traffic websites usually have good Alexa ranking, the Alexa ranking data updates every day.

Submit to Directories Still Important

When making a Directory Submission to create a backlinks profile for your website, your website benefits like improving your Website Domain Authority, Pagerank, and Alexa Ranking. Domain Authority and PageRank value is based on calculating how many backlinks point to your websites and how good the quality they hold. After you gain higher Domain Authority and Pagerank value, this Alexa ranking will naturally increase because people trust your Businesses.

After all this time, many Webmasters have lost confidence in directory submission practice. However, on the contrary, there are still many Webmasters still doing that. Until now, many web directories still survive and run like,,, and others. As we said above, we have made a list of separated web directories according to their categories. Besides that, to increase the effectiveness and time, we also add a blog to read and SEO tools that you can use.

Simple ways to Pick right Web Directories

As the number of web directories increases daily, you may have trouble finding high-quality web directories to submit. There are some simple rules on how high-quality web directories may help you to pick the right web directory, which:

  • Web Directory on business for at least two years.
  • They do not accept all kinds of the submission without edited it first.
  • Unique template design means they are serious with their directory.
  • Directory Submission rules and guidelines are clear, concise, and brief about what to do and what mustn’t.
  • All listings should be in the appropriate category.
  • Listing title tag always using their brand URL and description of listing not full of keywords.
  • Avoid Auto Approve and non-human edited Web Directory.
  • There is an unrelated Advertisement on the directory.
  • No empty categories.
  • Searchable.

These are some criteria for a great directory you should know, and There are still many things you need to consider before submitting your website to the directories. Many factors could affect the ranking of a website on search engine results pages, and directory submission is one of the small factors. You have to do many other things to achieve a good ranking on search engines, and it follows: Content, Social Presence, Keywords, Link Building, and many more can support that.

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