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Small SEO Tool’s Backlink Maker

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Everyone knows that a backlink is essential for your website to dominate the search engine ranking page. Backlink works as a vouch/vote from the others. The more backlink you got from reputable websites, the higher chance for your website to beat all competitors, and everyone will do anything to create more backlinks than their competitors.

Some will be trying to manipulate it by purchasing it from the others, guest posting, submit their website to the Web directories, using software to generate it and much more. But in this article, we will be talking about a tool that generates backlinks, and the best part is using this backlink maker is effortless.

Backlink Maker By Small SEO Tools

There are no many challenges for you to use this backlink maker tool. You don’t have to register yourself or paying for this, and you have to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Access the tool
  2. Insert your URL to the box
  3. Then hit the “make the backlink” button.

After hitting the button, you have to wait until the tool stop working. While the tool is working, you will see some indicators indicating the status of your progress.

  1. Progress Bar, when the progress hit 100%, then your progress for backlink creation is complete.
  2. Status, if check status appears, then your backlink profile page is ready vice versa.

The backlink creation progress only takes a couple of minutes, and I believe it acceptable for anyone. This small SEO tool’s backlink maker will create a total of 91 backlink profiles for your website, but after several times of test, some of the profiles are not working or an error.

Should I Use Backlink Maker?

I don’t think any problems with this tool; as far as I see, this tool more like re-index existing backlink profiles than Backlink Maker, so with It, you able to update your profiles with the latest information or update about your website.

Today, SEO strategies are not as simple as you think; search engines constantly fight against spam and this kind of automatic backlinks creation. When penalized, it will be hard to reverse, which will waste your hard work.

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