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Posted on 13th Sep 2019 10:44:50 in Mining Pool, Featured

Slush Mining pool is the first and one of the best Mining Pool till today and it created in the Czech Republic which found its first block in January 2012 and it makes them hold over 4% of Bitcoin Mining Network hashing power, they distributed all their servers across Asia, America, and America. Slush Mining Pool is one of the most trustable mining pool because all their mining activity is provabe.

The General Layout

The Slush Pool website design is very unique and modern, on very top of the site there is local server time, their Bitcoin Mining Pool hash rate, and Bitcoin prices ticker in different currency such as USD, Euro, Pound, and Japanese Yen, after that you will find 2 buttons leading to Demo Account or Registration form. At middle there are 2 different statistics which Bitcoin (BTC) and ZCash include with simple Pool Hashrate and there is clickable advance statistics for their system, block, and hash proof, at right hand you will find The News section which I think is very important news for Slush Pools users to know and read it, for example, these: Data Export Feature is Finally Here or New Mining Stack on the Way, after taking a stroll on the News section as far I see it all news will be related to their site Policies, Future Plans, and Updates.

Slush Mining Pool Homepage
Slush Pool Homepage

At Middle Bottom you will able to see their Mining Pools self-advertisement and main features and followed another demo account button with dashboard screenshot, and the last things is their footer which I found it very simple and neat, there is Mining Installation Settings link for both, additional tools (Smartphone APP, Monitoring APP, and API for developer) and the last is about and their Pools fees. Unlike other Websites which Menu or Navigation always be on top of the site, This Slush Pool website put the Menu, Navigation, Search Engine, and User Panel at the bottom with sticky effect and I just figured it out after a while. 

With Modern Color combination Black, Deep Blue, and White actually the Slush pool site is responsive and loading quite slow which averagely between 3.6s to 4.6s to load the homepage completely, the page site relative big which 5.63 MB and HTTPS headers 43.


Device Monitoring: Slush Pool provides you a Device Monitoring feature that allows you to update and monitor your miners to maximize your mining profits, the tool will take a snapshot of your hash rate for every 5 minutes, there are main features for this Device Monitoring: Email or Mobile Notification and miners status monitors.

Mobile APP: Mobile app main features are the same with device monitoring but the APP has another function which is New Block Found function and Payout Notification, and you also able to link this APP to Device Monitoring to receive Notification for you miners, the APP available for Android and IOS users.

API: Slush Pool allows Experience Developer to access and implant the Data to their Web Application, with API you will able to access Statistic, Workers, and Profile data in JSON, to get API authentication actually it very simple just go to Settings > Access Profiles (Create) > API Acess > Generate > Save.

Merged Mining: Slush Pool allows their Users to merge their Mining efforts to earn more coins from profitable crypto while you don't need to split your hash rate or resources for several cryptos.

VIP Solutions: This the best feature that Slush Pool offers, I don't know if this service only available for the paid user or not after searching for information about it I found nothing, I suspect this VIP solution only for Big Miners. VIP Solutions offer Private URL for each miner and they claimed that the Private URL free from DDoS attack and Slush Pool offer Farm Server Migration.

Slush Mining Pool Conclusion

In fact this Slush Pool is the one of oldest Mining pool and still operating till today, but for me this site its quite hard to navigate and its not users-friendly, to go back other page you need to use Back button at your Browser or you need to use Menu navigation at bottom and go to page you desire, As for site navigation you will able to find at bottom and it with sticky feature but still I need some time to figure it out, while the Color combination not hurting my eyes and you able to easily access this site from your smartphone because it already responsive.

Slush Pool has decent features and I believe any kind Miners would love it especially it VIP Solutions which claimed DDoS Attack Resistant and they will Assist your for Server Migration for your Farm, but the thing is I don't know if to become VIP member the qualification only specific mining operation scale and its for free or required to pay and I don't find any related information regarding this.

Slush Pool Help Center
Sometime Slush Pool Help Center show Nothing from my End.

The Help center sometimes the content are invisible I don't know if it because my connection or it comes from their end, after strolling for some time I found their Help Center is explain thing very clear except some information are missing, the Mining Fees is clear for both of their Currency and minimum payout threshold also very clear and detail.