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Posted on 19th Sep 2019 10:49:05 in Mining Pool

Bitclub Pool is one of the oldest Mining Pool and Network that still active and run well till today, Bitclub Pool created in October 2014 which it run well till today, Bitclub Pool expand rapidly and built Millions of Dollars worth Mining Facility and already own at least 1% Hashing Power from entire Bitcoin Network at that time and Open their pool for public and wanted to expand their Network more. They claimed that their Bitcoin Network is the best among their competitors with higher luck chances, free from fees, and experts to help their users anytime.

Bitclub Pool homepage design look very old and a bit out to date compare to latest modern web design, at very top of the site you will see the information and status of Bitclub Pool Network Stats, the information start from the Bitcoin Mining Difficulty, Number of Block, The entire Bitclub Pool hash rate, and Countdown Round. The site has a very simple Navigation nothing flashy, every Menu at navigation are working very well except Menu called Ether, the Menu completely Blank without any information

Below the Navigation tab, you will see an image like the Oil Mining field with green tag talking about Bitcoin Pool Fee which the Bitclub Pool taking no fee for miners hard work with their Bitcoin Network Pool, there is information regarding their Pool Server address. After that at the Middle page section, there is a list of Bitclub Pool offers or advantages by joining their pool, an Image of Debit Card with an active link, and Live Support. The last is the Footer section which offers very limited information about their services. The Site loading quite fast and the page size is moderately small with 801 KB homepage size it took me to average 2 - 2.2 second to load it completely the site color combination very simple with White as background, Orange for navigation tab and black grayish for the rest.

Bitclub Advantages & Features

No Mining Fees: unlike the other Mining Pools out there, the Bitclub Pool offers their user a Bitcoin Network Pool without any or hidden Fees with usually the Fees will at 1% to 2% but not with Bitclub Pool, the miners on their Network will able to take everything.

Direct Payment: Usually miners get paid to their special wallet or Pool account after then you will need to sent to your private wallet, it will bothersome and too much thing need to handle but you don't have to worry because Bitclub Pool will send your payment directly to your Debit Card account and you will able to take the money anytime.

List of Bitclub Advantages
List of Bitclub Advantages

Stratum pool Software: I believe most Mining pools offers this kind of software, which will display what your miners do and detail information about them, but as for 2019 The users will much prefer to choose Software for their smartphones because of it much more convenient.

Giveaway: Bitclub Pool often make a giveaway event for their users, there no much information regarding what kind Prize will users get and what conditions for users to take a part on this event and to win it.

Bitclub Pool Network Review Conclusion

As one of the oldest Mining Pool, in 2019 Bitclub Pool looks very old and obsolete for example their Homepage design done simply and hard to catch the users eyes, not to mention about Bitclub Advantages and The Best User Experience, there are still some pages are not found or not active which I believe it must be used to contain very important information for example: Debit Card page, Registration Page, Help Center Page, and their Services page.

Bitclub Registration Page is Missing
The Bitclub Registration Page is Missing

They do not redirect 301 their Homepage ( to ( or vice versa instead leave it just like that, it makes some people misunderstanding that Bitclub Pool already close or shut down the site, while their Network Statistic is complete with important stats such as Mining Difficulty, Block Numbers, Pool Hashrate, and Event Time.