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Posted on 23rd Oct 2019 06:08:43 in Mining Pool

BCMonster is a Bitcoin Mining pool which already been around since 2015 and still run till today, BCMonster has a very elegant gray background with combination of white and light blue, the site navigation very simple setup for all the menu the most grabs my attention is the logo they use, I can see all pages are in the navigation tab, after it next you will find a flash news or announcement section follows another information tab for contact and their social networks and Miners Stratum setup detail, and the last is blog section or I believe it might another news section which you only see a very short information and announcement, it has no footer I don't know if this section error or just no footer at all.

BCMonster Mining Pool

The Pool Statistic there is information for contributors hash rates and how much their income while below it you will find the top list of contributors shares, at the Help page you will find very limited information about this site but even though the mining setup is very short but clear and very easy to understand. If you are interested to join this BCMonster Mining Pool, it is pretty easy all you have to use Sign Up and fill the required information and you will become their member for better statistics. The site loading and page speed is pretty decent and it took me to average about 2 - 2.2 second to load the page completely with Page Size 448KB and 40 HTTPS requests, it slower compared to Bitclub Pool but faster than Coinotron Mining Pool.

BCMonster Features

Old: For some reasons Old and still running business bring a certain degree trust, the BCMonster already in this business since 2015 and it is making them a bit trustworthy.

No Fee: Now they offer Zero pools fee it may attract and revamp their network pools, some other Mining pools also offer some kind feature too but while they claim that their Network has been reached 30 Ph/s.

Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLnS): you will able to get your payment after reach a certain target of shares, according to their Pool Statistic users reward-based how big the Shares users have and BCMonster confirmed it via their HELP page.

Live Chat: you will able to exchange information using their Live Chat section, to join their Live Chat you need to create Telegram account before, but after I tried to join and test actually there is no Telegram for this site.

API: you will able to display the pool statistics on your site with it but API access only available for member and you will able to check the API documentation at here.

BCMonster Conclusion

BCMonster has a very simple and elegant color combination and it already has been around since 2015 and makes it old with some reputation within Bitcoiner, I found no challenge to navigate and creating an account for my self and I feel everything is smooth with desktop or my smartphone, while I feed bit dissapoint for the Pool statistics at least the make everything is quite clear but from your account you able to switch your detail to be anonymous. There is no additional protection for your account except 4 digit PIN which I feel it bit obsolete and not effective against the Hacker, the account statistic quite decent and the payout threshold quite low and reasonable, the Information, blog or announcement only serve a very short text and limited because they don't have any special page for it.