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Monero Faucet - XMR is code for a crypto coin called Monero, Monero is an open source created by Anonimous Developer in April 2014 which Monero created a base on Cryptograph Algorithm to make it private, scalable, and decentralized and Monero implemented on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD operating system. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Monero adopts Blockchain technology which all transactions will be noted and validated by Miner Hardware all around the world, and Blockchain Ledger security will be safe from cyber attack.

Know More Monero Crypto

Purpose of Monero creation is to fix today cryptographic system, by making all detail both sender and receiver transaction anonymous. What the Privacy that Monero wants to achieve is for people who want to transaction without anyone know, government, or a third party and with peer to peer automatically, it makes Monero worth to be distributed. Unlike other Crypto which mostly bitcoin derivative or BTC forks, Monero was created base on PoW (Proof-of-Work) protocol for the CryptoNight which very different, with high level of secrecy that makes Monero is fungible, or every unit has the ability to be replaced by another unit, these units cannot be distinguished specifically and wouldn't able tracked the source and destination.

With that makes Monero very different from other cryptos, there is another feature which very useful for investors which Blacklist system If you have a transaction address that you don't like or because of various reasons such as scamming, suspicious, and more. With that, the address owner will not able to do transactions with that address anymore. In particular, Monero transactions signature will be mixed to the other signature in the network and may allow it to be mixed with all transactions signature that had been done at that time. Because of that, it makes Monero harder to track and trace, and with "Stealth Addresses" that Monero Wallet generates for each transaction that made, that makes track and trace sender and receiver on transactions plus with another feature "Ring Confidential Transactions" to hide how much amount transacted.

Monero is resistant to problems like integrated circuits which scalable problem that happens with today bitcoin and makes Monero mining and block validation activity much easier and efficient, even miners hardware series such as x86, x64, ARM, or something like GPU able to join mining activity.

Earn Monero with Monero Faucet

There are so many ways to get your hand Monero Coin, You could purchase it directly, accept payment with Monero, or join a Monero Faucet program. Monero was created in April 2014 and start circulated in May 21, 2014 with open price $2.47 and close price is $1.60 with volume $246,540 and today at 21 June 2019 Monero price $107.98 with volume $164,288,820 which makes Monero so popular within investors circle, because of this, Monero become so popular and rank 14th at Market Cap and very hot as target for investment, because it quite pricey it will bleed you a lot if you purchase it Directly that why you need to consider to join a Monero Faucet program to earn Monero for free and the steps are easy peasy like bitcoin faucet.


Monero (XMR) Faucet List

What is Monero Faucet List? Monero Faucet List is a website list that specializes to collect and featured a site that runs Monero Faucet, on the Monero Faucet List you will able to find more information about the faucet site, such: Alexa Ranking, Rank Sort, Premium Listing, and Alphabet Sort.


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