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Frequently Asked Questions

HYIP Monitors FAQ

Why does our HYIP Monitors required Fee?

To get listed our HYIP Monitors you need to pay some fee, why? We will use it to maintain our site, such as: Hosting, Faucet Prize, Advertising, and features development in the future.

Why There is no review about our HYIP site?

We do not write any review or article about your HYIP site after listed on our HYIP Monitors and we do not like to encourage anyone to follow our steps.

How long you will Monitor the HYIP Site?

We will monitor every HYIP site that listed on our HYIP Monitors everyday and update the label when the HYIP site stop paying our account.

Is there any Refund?

No, there is no refund in any circumstances.

Faucet FAQ

How to Claim Sligs Faucet?

To Claim our Faucet is very simple by completing the Captcha challenge after that hit the roll button and claim the prize after cooldown time.

How To Login Sligs Faucet?

To Login and claim our faucet Prize, you have to link your Bitcoin Address to and put the Address into our Login form.

Where The Prize will be sent?

The Prize that you earn will be sent directly to your Bitcoin Address that linked with

Can I Claim Prize with 2 Different Account?

No, You can't, We will ban and blacklist your Bitcoin Address and IP address as soon as possible.

Can I refer the Faucet to the Other?

Yes, absolutely we are very grateful for it.

Is there any referral system?

No, we don't have any referral system to prevent any exploit and self referring.

Can I Use Proxy to claim the Faucet?

No, You can't, our security system will detect you and will ban and blacklist both your Bitcoin Address and IP Address.

If you have any questions or issues regarding our site please read our Frequently Asked Questions you may found answers for your question but if have not please do contact us.