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Free Bitcoin Faucet

To use and claim the prize for this ethereum Faucet, you have to register on and link your bitcoin address.

Welcome to our Sligs' Bitcoin Faucet System, here you will able to Claim your Bitcoin reward every hours Upto 800 Satoshi, which you able to do it for 16 times a day, the count will reset in 24 hours, as for reminder you have to follow our terms and services so we will able to keep this faucet run.

What is Bitcoin Faucet

What is Bitcoin Faucet? Bitcoin Faucet is an online application web-based that giving away reward for users for free, the faucet itself work very simple the users required to solve small task like completing Captcha challenge and human verification, and the users could collect their reward satoshi, Bitcoin Faucet was created to teach people how to invest without losing money and introduce Bitcoin to many people by serve a lot of information about bitcoin and reward them, with it many people will join the fray in faucet.

You have claimed and earn your reward from Bitcoin Faucet, and you trying to be diligent and build up fortune, but did you ever think where you will save your satoshi (micro bitcoin)? The Satoshi that you earn by completing Faucet challenges usually will immedietely deposited into your wallet, there are 2 types wallet, that is Wallet and Micro wallet, where the Wallet perfect for handling bigger transaction, while Mircro wallet perfect for small amounts of Bitcoin (satoshi).

Doing Business with Bitcoin Faucet?

Everyone loves freebies things, while Bitcoin Faucet educating people with bitcoin information on every pages of faucet site, by providing Free Money people will be interested and the site will receive high traffic, as Webmasters said "Traffic Is Money", with high trafic website, advertiser will attracted and it will be generate income, but its pretty hard because they will only accept high-quality Faucet site.

Bitcoin Faucet Giving Money Away?

Do you believe that? Are you Saint or Something like that? Do they really that Generous? the reasons behind Bitcoin Faucet giving away free money to the users because they making some money too, and its from Ads/Ads space, even the worst faucet will serve a lot of banner ads let alone the High-Quality one like Us, whatever if the ads are pay per millie, pay per click, or affiliate links, with that the faucet will build very solid & steady income, but sadly there are some low-quality Faucet cramped with huge number ads while the rewards are pitifully low.

Usually people that invest their time around Bitcoin Faucet, that mean they are very interested with Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, learning new thing isn't a bad thing, while cryptos industries are very booming and it might in future will even more than today, also Bitcoin Faucet could relieve your stress, no risk, no need to spend your own money on bitcoin investments. Claiming reward process from Faucet can be said very safe, because mostly Faucet working together with Micro-Wallet services like, send the reward immedietely to your Bitcoin Wallet Address.

Starting with Bitcoin Faucet

To start your journey with our Bitcoin Faucet, you have to make some preparation, create your wallet, connect it to micro-wallet, prepare your self to complete our Captcha challenge & Human Verification, and be persistent. To Create your wallet you have to visit (I have used this for 8 years) or the other wallet ledger services, after that you need to copy and paste your Wallet Address to wallet connector (Watch This Video: Connect The Address), after connect your Blockchain Wallet to you have to Copy again your Wallet Address into our Bitcoin Faucet "Wallet Address Input Form", then complete the Challenges, After You hitting the Reward Button, our faucet will sent the amount that you just won immedietely to your account. The last thing is Be persistent with being persistent you will able to make real money somedays and achieve something great in future. (We are very serious with it)

Earn More with our Bitcoin Faucet

For information, you could earn more bitcoin with our faucet system by referring your friends, family, or anyone else upto 10% perclaim forever, What you need to do is only Copy Your Refferal Link and share it anywhere else, like Social Networks, E-mail, Phone, blog, and website.