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Posted on 16th Oct 2019 07:23:57 in Blog, Faucets is a faucet networks and micropayment system which allows users to receive payments from the faucets or even websites very easily and quick, you will able to withdraw cryptocurrencies payments you collect once reaching the minimum payout threshold directly into your crypto wallet, will act as an escrow and a host for any payments you receive from faucets or websites that integrated with the Faucethub system.

FaucetHub Features

At 2010, Gavin Andresen was created and develop the First Faucet in the world for Bitcoin which give away 5 bitcoins for each person, a Bitcoin faucet is a system to reward taken a form of an app or website and give away reward in form of a satoshi (hundredth of a millionth BTC), for users who want to claim the prize they need to complete the captcha challenge out there there are faucets that give away another cryptocurrency, and later Cryptos Faucet became so popular which lead the creation of Faucet hub as a Hub and Network, Here the features that they offer;

Faucethub Micro Wallet for your Faucet

Micro Wallet: only with the special wallet you will able to save and receive your payments in cryptocurrencies, like the other Crypto Wallet providers this Faucethub offers free wallet and support 16 coins. Faucethub wallet works only for their sites and users that connected to their system will able to handle all their transactions.

Forum & Community: like other crypto forum and community which a place for anyone to talk and exchange information mostly related with Cryptos and making money while all of it still there is general talks, at Faucethub community you will able to promote your services if you have and Faucets you own.

Exchanges: Faucet hub provides a platform for their users to exchange such purchasing with 0.5% fee and selling cryptos with anonymously without any public transaction record while you still inside their system, for Premium User there will be Auto Sell feature, this platform very similar with any crypto trading which it best required you to has experience with trading to make profit.

Sites & Faucet List: as a Hub, Faucet Hub collects a large of Sites and Faucets then categorize them into the types of coins and the types of services they offer, the list will provide additional information such as reward, timer, financial reserves, users, Payment has been paid, and the Link. If you have faucet or service and want to promote it, you will able to add your faucet into their Sites list for free but it required you to join their system.

Games: You will not feel boredom when you trying to collect your prize or get paid from faucets, Faucet Hub games will accompany you, there are Multi-Coin Lottery, Rock Paper Bitcoin, and Rambo Dice Bitcoin, while you enjoy the games you may able to make fortune with it.

Offerwall: at this section you will able to see what offers has the Hub offer to you, the prize is a variety from experience (exp) or satoshi you have to look the offer, EXP will increase your account level which give you higher Referral reward tier (applies for Exchange only).

Faucet Manager: If you are the owner of the Faucet that connected to the Faucethub system then with Faucet Manager, you will able to keep your faucets movement data, add or delete faucet, Deposit or withdraw the fund, API usage statistic, and more features for Premium User.

Guest Posting: Faucethub allows users to post their article into their site with a certain amount of Bitcoin, the best thing is their article will be read highly by targeted visitors which has real interest on crypto itself.

API: Faucethub allows their user to use their API service for free while there are paid plans with some benefits too, for Faucet owner to use their API it means to connect their Faucet to the system and microwallet service. Conclusion

Faucethub created by mexicantarget at 2016 and the former one of the biggest Faucet Network, it offers very useful services, help, and connect a lot of faucets into one community which very good for owners to exchange information and drive targeted traffic while users will easily to find any necessary information and faucets to earn and make some extra income, the best is allows users to play games to test their Fortune and do cryptos Exchange but the Exchange Platform and Faucet micro wallet limited only to 16 coins.



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