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The most Exciting Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Posted on 5th Aug 2019 16:23:59 in Blog

The year 2019 is entering Q4 for cryptocurrency trading. Some have had a rough year full of bumpy rides, while others have had a pleasant cruise. As with every year before, cryptocurrency value often fluctuates. With that in mind, it is not possible to know which cryptocurrency is about to have its 5 minutes of fame, and which will plummet, taking many investors down. However, what we can do is research the success curve of this virtual money, and try to find a baseline to follow for future investments.

Long term perspective price targeting

There are two major ways of investing on the crypto market. One is short term, where you play with a little money, feeling out the market and hoping to earn some money with microtransactions. However, the success of the cryptocurrency market lies in the long term perspective price targeting. If you wish to earn a substantial amount of money, you should learn how to make plans for the next 5-10 years. With that in mind, I will evaluate some of the most exciting cryptocurrencies to invest in.


The first one on the list must be Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that changed the world. This all-time favorite cryptocurrency started low but reached unrealistic heights. The highest it has ever reached was $19,783.06, which was in December 2017. However, it dropped to $6,200 in February 2018. As you can see, the fluctuations in the value are extreme. Still, Bitcoin is currently in a steady-state around $11,000. We can safely say that the current value is somewhat safe for a time, and there is plenty of room for it to grow in the next year.

A bitcoin
Bitcoin has changed the crypto market, and it is the most valued cryptocurrency today


Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency today. The price of one ETC is currently around $270, which makes it a better investment than Bitcoin. If you wish to invest some serious cash, you might consider this currency. Many people have struggled with Ethereum since it had a large downfall. At one time, it was steady at around $700, and it jumped to almost $1,100. However, it dropped significantly, and if you didn't sell it on time, you lost a lot of money. The good thing is that it's currently steady, and it is a known fact that what goes down must go up at some point. For that reason, there is a bright future for Ethereum.


If we compare Ripple to Ethereum and Bitcoin, it would be as if we were comparing an ant and a giant. David and Goliath. However, this is where the opportunity lies. At the moment, Ripple is going a bit downwards, and the price fluctuates around $0.31. When it comes to these fluctuations, it really pays off to have a sixth sense. If you are into microtransactions, you might have a hard time with it. However, today we talk about long term investments.

Ethereum and Ripple coins
Ripple may be in the background at the moment, but there are predictions that it might become one of the most exciting investments in the future

The secret behind Ripple is that there are some thoughts of it being a cryptocurrency that might dominate the market in the future. There are plenty of talks about Ripple becoming an official solution for banking infrastructure. Huge companies like Visa and Western Union are looking into an option to make it their official cryptocurrency. An amazing feat like that would place it high on the list of the most exciting cryptocurrencies to invest in! It is most definitely one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the world today.


Remember The Matrix? Who doesn't, right! When the movie came out, it was a revelation. A masterpiece ahead of its time. We all enjoyed following Mr. Neo Anderson fighting the most important fight of his life. However, today we have a different NEO to look at, but one equally interesting. NEO cryptocurrency is around $15, and it has great predictions for the year 2020. The infrastructure is full of potentials, even the Chinese government is looking to become a part of it. With that in mind, this cryptocurrency has the potential to become one of the most profitable investments in the next 10 years.

Tether USDT

If you wish to be in the game of crypto trading, you must learn how to use Tether USDT. The sole idea of Tether Limited was to create a currency that will mirror the American dollar in its value. The best characteristic of it is that it will always be worth $1.00. That makes it the most stable currency in the crypto market, and it is the second most purchased one after Bitcoin. Why is this useful? The potential of Tether is that it allows you to safely keep your money in the electronic wallet. That means, if you have 1000 Tether, you have $1000.

Traders use it mostly for microtransactions, since their money will be safe. There is no fear that it will drop, and people use it as storage for their money. They but an amount of Tether, trade it for another currency when it goes down, and then sell it back for Tether once the currency goes up. It is like using real money on the stock market.

A US dollar bill
The purpose of Tether was to make it as stable as the US dollar, but is that the reality of it?

However, there are a few words of caution when talking about Tether. Although it has the same value as the US dollar, Tether Limited states that it is not a financial instrument. They also failed to provide any solid proof and audit showing adequate reserves backing their cryptocurrency. There are even some rumors that Tether was created so it could manipulate the value of the Bitcoin on the market.

The future of cryptocurrency

If we look at the whole picture, we can only say that cryptocurrency has a bright future. The cryptomarket changed the world as we know it, and it shaped the economy of the 21st century into something more. A higher form of economy and trading. Becoming a part of this whirlpool of exciting, dangerous, and valuable investments is a cake that everyone would like to try. Every year brings new possibilities, so don't hesitate to experiment with the most exciting cryptocurrencies to invest in!



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