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Marketing Aspects Of Bitcoin

Posted on 8th Aug 2019 16:23:38 in Blog, Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin is still a risky subject for some people. They still believe that Bitcoin is just an internet fad that a couple of people got rich off and that it is going to go away soon. Well, they are wrong. Really wrong. Bitcoin is here to stay, and if you are clever and willing to invest in it, you can benefit quite a bit. But what is it that makes Bitcoin such an interesting and reliable currency in today's world? What are the marketing aspects of Bitcoin? In a nutshell, what makes people drawn to it? Well, let us take a closer look.

What Makes Bitcoin so Alluring?

Bitcoin can be hard to wrap your mind around. It does seem strange that there can be an online currency that is both dependable and secure. But, it is precisely so. Due to the way in which Bitcoin was designed and the spirit of the time in which it was introduced, we strongly believe that Bitcoin is going to change the world. Therefore it so no surprise that a lot of people are turning to it as a less regulated, yet often safer alternative to standard currency.


The first, and arguably most important aspect of Bitcoin is the Blockchain technology. This technology allows for safe and efficient currency transmission. Bitcoin uses cryptographic hash and immutable ledger to ensure the safety of your money. It is solely due to the Blockchain that Bitcoin is as safe as it is, which is why there is so much fuss about it.

Bitcoin and CPU
It is precisely the technology involved in creating Bitcoin that has made it so alluring.


Another one of the marketing aspects for Bitcoin is that it is decentralized. The beauty of Bitcoins is that there is no "Bitcoin bank". There is no single place where people store or make Bitcoin. This eliminates the monopoly that banks have over currencies, which makes using it a lot easier. These are all complicated political/economical games that are terribly interconnected and hard to explain. But, in a nutshell, Bitcoin allows for more freedom. This is why banks and other financial institutions don't like it and label it as dangerous and unpredictable. While modern companies love it, as they are free from the banks' stranglehold.


Another reason why companies are turning to Bitcoin is the spirit of the time in which it was introduced. Once Bitcoin hit the market, banks were in a bad situation. There was a financial crisis that helped people realize that banks pretend to have much more control then they do. They are quite willing to destroy a whole market (US housing market) if it suits their shortsighted, greedy ways. Shortly after these fiascos, Bitcoin was introduced, and people loved it. No longer did they have to submit to suspicious banks and their dubious ways of doing business.

Which Are The Marketing Point for Bitcoin

So, now that we have a better idea of what Bitcoin is and what it represents, let us take a look at marketing aspects for Bitcoin. After all, people didn't always see using Bitcoin as a good thing. At the beginning of its existence, various newspapers slammed Bitcoin with bad press. Financial institutions tried, and for a while succeed, in making people think that Bitcoin is unreliable and  unsafe. But, time always shows the truth, which is why Bitcoin is now worth over 30 times more than what it was worth in its infancy.

The Best Bitcoin Marketing is It can do lot of things
One of the best marketing aspects for Bitcoin is that you'll be able to use it to buy almost anything you wish.

Different Uses

Once, you were only able to use Bitcoin for specific online purchases and only with specific vendors. Now, you can use Bitcoin for pretty much everything. People use it to purchase real estate, get an education and even for traveling. People are making using Bitcoin easier and easier, which is why we feel that it is soon going to be literally in every business. So, if you plan on opening a new office or if you need to promote your relocation company, consider how Bitcoin can help. Remember, people associate using Bitcoin with being tech-savvy and modern. So, if you want to be seen that way, learn how to implement it.


One of the most impressive facts about Bitcoin is its price performance. If you simply look it up on Google, you will see how Bitcoin has risen and how it's value changes. Even though there was some fluctuation, and it is not as valuable as it was in its peak, it is still one of the most valuable currencies. And the beauty of it is that its value is entirely based on the investments and the trust that the people have in it. Companies like PlayStation, Subway and Microsoft are all-embracing Bitcoin technology, which is another reason why you should, too. By using Bitcoin you are showing that you realize how the world of finance is changing and that you are not afraid to keep up with it.


According to most financial analyses, the riskiest period for Bitcoin’s value is over. There was a large peak and a sudden drop in 2017. But, any financial analyst worth their salt was expecting this. Now, after the turbulent period is over, Bitcoin has kept a stabilized value that hasn't changed much in the past few years. True, there are still some risks of using Bitcoin. But, the value of Bitcoin is growing ever more stable. This is why a stable value is one of the marketing aspects for Bitcoin. Rember, it is the people who decide the value of Bitcoin, not the shady banks and fraudulent financial institutions. So, if you want to join the worldwide revolution in how currency works, go with Bitcoin.



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