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Learning Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders

Posted on 18th Nov 2019 12:26:26 in Blog, Make Money

Whether you are just starting in cryptocurrency trading, or you've been at it for years, there always seems to be something that you can learn. Cryptocurrency trade is always changing, always evolving, which means that you can never simply "know" everything about it. So, if you plan on achieving any success in this trade, you better be ready to constantly follow trading sites and always strive to learn and improve. With that in mind, let's look at some of the best learning resources for cryptocurrency traders, be it beginners or advanced.

For beginners and intermediate Crypto traders

Until you get into it, cryptocurrency can seem like an impossible thing to grasp. So many numbers and estimates to follow... How are you even supposed to understand it all? Don't worry. There are excellent learning resources for cryptocurrency traders that are just getting into the trade. If you take some time and go through them properly, you'll be able to start trading in cryptocurrency in no time.

A person looking at a financial graph on their laptop.
 Learning Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders

Udemy courses

If you are completely new to cryptocurrency trading, we suggest that you start off by heading to Udemy. Sites like Udemy are your best bet at finding reliable learning resources for cryptocurrency traders, especially if you are a beginner. Our favourite is the 8-hour course by Steve Ballinger called cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins. This great course will give you all the necessary tools for trading in cryptocurrency. From evaluating and choosing exchanges, to building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. You will also learn how to properly invest and how to spend cryptocurrency in real life. Overall, with this course, you will cover everything that a novice cryptocurrency trader needs to know.

Sites like Udemy and Courosera offer great courses for both cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-related technologies like blockchain. You can and should use them throughout your trading career as they can be a great way to further develop your knowledge and skills. Keep in mind that sites often offer large discounts for their courses (up to 95%). So, don't get distraught if the current price of the course seems too high.

Do you know what Dividend is? How about Debt-to-quality ratio or EBIT? Well, even if you do, we are sure that there will be a bunch of financial terms and expressions that you'll run into whose meaning will be a mystery. Once that happens, you better head on to This awesome site is best known for containing an excellent financial terms dictionary. With it, you will easily understand any news and info and orient your business accordingly.

Using Twitter and Reddit

Trying to trade in cryptocurrency without having access to the latest info is practically impossible. And, as it turns out, the easiest way to get reliable info is with Twitter and Reddit. Sites like and will give you valuable info on the analysis of the current state. But, to get the freshest, most important news, you need to use Twitter and Reddit. Cryptocurrency traders have a strong presence on these sites, and you need to get their input.

World coin index

Although sites like Udemy and Courosera are great, they can have a hard time keeping up with the current state of the cryptocurrency trade. After all, we are dealing with a fast-changing market. So, to deal with it properly, you need to have a way to get the latest information, fast. Luckily, that is what the World coin index is all about. This website keeps track of over 1500 cryptocurrencies and 100 different crypto exchanges. The beauty of it is that it is in real-time. Therefore, the World coin index is essential for you to get acquainted with all the different cryptocurrencies and their price listings and trends. Also, the World coin index offers an easy way to check both Twitter and Reddit, which will be quite valuable to you once you become more proficient.

Advanced learning resources for cryptocurrency traders

After a while, you should have a better idea of how cryptocurrency works and how to utilize it properly. But, if you want to continue improving your trade, you need to learn new tools and get a deeper insight into cryptocurrency. Now, as doing so is quite difficult and arduous, there is no straightforward way we can teach you. But, what we can do is give you a couple of ideas where you can find more advanced learning resources for cryptocurrency traders.

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading is a great course to take if you want to seriously step up your knowledge and skill in the cryptocurrency trade. With it, you will learn how to trade automatically and manage losing trades. Keep in mind that this course assumes that you already have substantial knowledge of cryptocurrency. So don't expect anyone to hold your hand.

Candlestick patterns have become quite prevalent in day trade. So, if you want to take advantage of this while it's still active, check out the Cryptocurrency Trading: Candlestick Trading Masterclass 2019. This course will help you understand how to use the best candlestick patterns for crypto trading and how to analyze both regular and long body candle patters. With any luck, candlestick patterns will be just the thing you need to step up your cryptocurrency trade.

Corda for Professionals

Corda for Professionals by Toshendra Sharma is a great course on Udemy for cryptocurrency traders who want to step up their blockchain knowledge. With this course, you will gain advanced knowledge of Corda. Furthermore, you will learn how to organize and run a Corda network. And, how to make proper use of Corda tools and plugins. Overall, if you feel that your cryptocurrency trade could use a bit more blockchain proficiency, start with this course.



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