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We offer HYIP Monitors for HYIP sites owner who want to promote their program, which we offer 2 kind paid listing in our site which are Featured and Normal Listing and we will mention details for both of them after this:

HYIP Description:
Accept Deposit:

Featured Listing

  • Flat Fee $200.00
  • One time fee
  • 10 Stars Badge
  • Eyes Catching Listing
  • Guarantee re-investment 90%
  • Placed on HYIP Monitors and Featured Page
  • Placed on Latest Featured Listing at sidebar

Normal Listing

  • Flat Fee $100.00
  • One time fee
  • 5 Stars Badge
  • No Referral Link
  • Standard Listing
  • Guarantee re-investment 80%
  • Placed on HYIP Monitors and Normal Page