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How To Spend Bitcoin in Real Life

Posted on 13th Sep 2019 16:34:25 in Blog, Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies will be the way of the future; there is no doubt about that. The sooner we get used to it, the quicker we will be able to use the benefits that the digital currencies bring. Does a payment by a "piece of code" still look like something distant? You might get more interested once you see what you can actually do with it. It might surprise you to hear that nowadays you can use bitcoins to buy almost anything. Read on to find out how you can spend bitcoin in real life.

Do some trading with your BTC

Cryptocurrency mining is a serious business and many people have already made a fortune doing it. However, if you plan on digging, you should be prepared to acquire the necessary equipment and do some research before you start earning. If you are not ready to do so, you can test the waters by buying and selling bitcoins. There is one thing that you should take into consideration, though. If you know anything about bitcoin, then you are probably familiar with some basic pros and cons of using it. One of the negative aspects of this cryptocurrency is that it can be pretty volatile. So, be prepared to win and lose, and learn to be very patient. It will probably pay off.

Spend bitcoin in real life on buying properties

The real estate market is depending more and more on cryptocurrencies. It is a global phenomenon, and the number of countries accepting it is increasing as you read this article. One of the benefits of paying by bitcoins is that it makes international money transfers faster and cheaper. So, this can be very convenient for people buying properties abroad. Moreover, if you decide to buy a property with your digital money, you will be able to do it more quickly and with minimal bureaucracy issues. That is if the agency in charge of selling the property you are interested in accepts bitcoins. There are still a lot of uncertainties here, so many real estate agencies still prefer traditional payment methods. However, people selling their real estate are often very excited about cryptocurrency payments.

new home to illustrate that you can spend bitcoin in real life
BTC can be used for buying properties

Pay the state taxes

In the USA, you can even pay your taxes with digital money. Actually, you can do so in some of the states. For instance, Arizona citizens can now use their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to pay their income taxes. Check whether your country has introduced such a system!

You can use money from your cryptocurrency wallet to buy electronics

It makes sense that the electronics industry was the first one to start accepting bitcoins for their products. That is why you can use bitcoins to buy Apple products, for example, and you might even get a special discount for choosing to pay from your cryptocurrency wallet. As a matter of fact, many electronics retailers are promoting this payment method by giving discounts or offering you some special deals. Why not use that opportunity to get some new devices?

It goes without saying that you can pay for some app-based services, games and music downloads with BTC, but you probably knew that.

You can spend bitcoin in real life on food and drinks

The great thing about cryptocurrencies is that they offer 24/7 approachability unlike many banking systems do. And why is that such an advantage, you might be asking. Well, there are some cases when you need your money right away and if your bank is closed or your online bank working hours are finished for the day, what can you do? Luckily, your bitcoin wallet is always at hand! However, some years ago, it was impossible to buy your meal or pay for your beer in a bar by cryptocurrency. Now, the good news is that the number of retailers accepting these as a payment method for their goods is growing by the day.

Fun fact: There are even some shops that went so far as not to accept traditional money anymore. Can you imagine going to a bar and not being able to pay for your drinks even though you have a wallet full of money and a significant amount on your credit cards? Insane, right? Or, maybe that is our future, and we'd better prepare on time. Be that as it may, being able to use bitcoins in your daily life is certainly an advantage. 

Spend your bitcoin in real life on organizing a holiday

Is it time for you to go on holiday? Having some digital money in your cryptocurrency wallet can make your holiday organizing much easier. Here is how:

  • You can book a flight to the destination of your choice and the chances are that the airline company will accept crypto payments. Just like with electronics, you might even find some special deals that you wouldn't be offered if you paid by credit card or cash;
  • Many hotels are open to all types of payments so you can spend bitcoin in real life by booking a room for your vacation;
  • You can get your food, drinks, clothes and even some souvenirs in many of the shops accepting BTC.
  • You might even get your insurance, but you should take this piece of information with a grain of salt since that field of the insurance industry is still in development.
a hammock spread between two palm trees
Use your BTC to pay for your holiday

You can even pay for your education using bitcoins

You might be surprised to find out that you can pay your scholarship at King’s College in the USA or the University of Cumbria in the UK with your BTC. These two were the pioneers, but the list keeps on growing. 

You can even spend bitcoin in real life by donating to a charity of your choice. Some of them also accept cryptocurrencies. 



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