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How to Earn Free Bitcoin on 2019?

Posted on 7th Jun 2019 13:40:51 in Blog, Bitcoin

With so many ways to earn money online, 2019 might be a good year to earn free Bitcoin. It might sound complicated to do, but there are some easy ways you can engage in a Bitcoin search and make some extra money. There are many benefits of dealing with cryptocurrencies. One of them is the opportunity to start a profitable business. If you have some spare time and want to try out a new form of making money, earning Bitcoin can be a great way to do it.

Some easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin 2019

There are many easy ways to earn free Bitcoin. Here’s our list of the most popular ones:

  • Bitcoin Faucets
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Online Gambling
  • Getting paid in Bitcoin
  • Product Research
  • Referral Programs

Since cryptocurrencies’ value is changing all the time, make sure to learn more about how they work. Keep reading and take a look at the following guide to find out how you can earn free Bitcoin in 2019.

There are some ways to earn Bitcoin
There are some ways to earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets

Simply said, bitcoin faucets are various online applications that allow you to earn free Bitcoin by completing simple tasks. Since Bitcoin has great value, these applications will award you with one-hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin, which doesn’t seem much. These “parts of a Bitcoin” are called Satoshi, and you can earn them with a little bit of work. By completing small tasks these online applications offer, you will get your money, and the website you work with will benefit from their advertisements.

Before you can earn free Bitcoin, you must first create your cryptocurrency wallet and manage it. By generating a BTC address, you can get started with making your first Satoshi online.

The benefit of earning Bitcoin via Bitcoin Faucets is that this type of income can be steady. You can choose how often you want to earn free Bitcoin and start collecting any time you want. These amounts of Bitcoin value are not large, but being patient pays off in a free Bitcoin hunt!

Bitcoin mining

One of the first and most popular ways to earn free Bitcoin is Bitcoin mining. This method of making money is the least risky, and it's fast. Everything you will need for successful Bitcoin mining is a computer. After becoming an online Bitcoin miner, you will need to join a mining pool and earn free Bitcoin by teaming up with other people. This method of earning free bitcoin is not the easiest of all, but it can bring the most significant amounts of money in the long run.

Online Gambling

Although it might sound like a scam, gambling might be a great way to earn free Bitcoin. Unlike the classic method of gambling, there is more chance of earning then losing money with Bitcoin. However, if you want to try gambling for Bitcoin, you should make sure that you’re not getting into an online scam. Don’t make any payments unless you are sure what you’ll get in return and find out what you need to know about security software. If you are not sure how to choose the right website for online gambling, do research. There will be some positive (or negative) reviews for sure.

Working and getting paid in Bitcoin

Working for Bitcoin is exactly what it sounds like. If you are offering a kind of online service to your customers, you can actually get paid in Bitcoin. This system works in a similar way as using Bitcoin faucets, but with a small difference. Working for Bitcoin allows you to request a fixed amount of money for the service you offer. By doing small tasks like watching promotional videos, taking surveys or testing new phone apps, you can earn free bitcoin with ease.

In order to get paid in Bitcoin, you can also sell various types of products or services. Bitcoin has become a legit payment method, so you can just choose to get your salary in this cryptocurrency. Everything you need to do is to have a Bitcoin wallet, a QR-code and your BTC address. You can earn free Bitcoin in the form of salary or get a tip in this cryptocurrency.

Get Paid with Bitcoin by Working
Get Paid with Bitcoin by Working

Product Research

Another way to earn free Bitcoin is to do it by writing and doing research. If you have some writing skills and want to be creative, you should try it. There are many websites offering Bitcoin in exchange for blogs, articles, and different marketing-related services. Not only is this one of the easiest ways to earn money, but it's also a steady way to do it. Different product research and writing for Bitcoin can become a full-time job, depending on your skills and wishes.

Referral Programs

One of the easiest and least demanding ways to earn free Bitcoin is via referral programs. All you need to do is to know someone you can recommend for service. Both you and your friend can get awarded for joining, and you can get various discounts as well.

One of the most popular websites for instant Bitcoin earning is Coin Switch. Websites like this one offer instant awards for you and the people you recommended for using it. After making a payment, a referral program will award you with a certain amount of money. The best part about earning crypto money on referral programs is that it’s a steady way to earn free Bitcoin.



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Earn Easy Bitcoin without Mining it
That's the 5 ways to earn easy bitcoin, as long you persevered and patient I believe you will amass a lot of bitcoin on your hand.