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Posted on 7th Jun 2019 13:52:42 in Bitcoin, Faucets is a the oldest Bitcoin Faucet & Game site, this site has been around since 2012, which mean till today it’s already 6 years old site. They have offered a bitcoin giveaway for 200$ bitcoin value for every hour as grand prize for their users to claim, beside the grand prize there are some silver and bronze medal prizes, which the lowest will usually 30 to 50 satoshis and the prize will depended on your Roll results as you could see it at the Image in bottom.

What is Bitcoin Faucet?

What is faucet? Faucet is like another Bitcoin Faucet site, which giveaway free bitcoin for each time user claim it, The Faucet works very simple just complete their Captcha challenge and then click the Roll button to claim your prize, there are no other challenge for this Bitcoin Faucet beside Captcha unlike others Bitcoin Faucet which required or force you to “See Advertisement” which I found it very tasking and wasting time. Prize you able to claim everyhour Prize you able to claim everyhour

For every time you claim Bitcoin faucet, you will got another extra prizes no matter your roll results, normally you will gain 2 RP (Reward Points) and 2 Lottery tickets but sometimes the Faucet owner will give another extra Reward Point and Lottery tickets in special occasion.

Reward Point (RP)

What is Reward Point? I don’t know how should I explain it to you, but like other point you could save all point that you got from bitcoin faucet for every claim and exchange it with special prizes like; Latest Smartphone, a Ledger, Coupon or even Bitcoin.

Lottery Ticket

What is Lottery Ticket? Lottery Ticket used to claim weekly grand prize which the Winner system will determined by your Total Lottery Tickets and of course “Luck” factor, You able to collect Lottery ticket from their Faucet or purchase it directly from them.

Multiply BTC

If you having hard time to gather bitcoin little by little with their Bitcoin Faucet, then you should try your luck with their Multiply BTC game, their Multiply BTC game very simple which you only need to choose between HI or Low and it provably fair game. To maximize your price, you also could raise the wager, ODD and their Multiply BTC jackpot, but if you are a Lazy head you can try their Auto Bet system. Beside that for every 1000 satoshis wager you will got another RP and Lottery ticket, increase your free roll amount prize, and you qualified to join their Monthly Content which the Total Prize $30.000 in bitcoin value.

Earn BTC

Beside provides Free Bitcoin Faucet, Multiply BTC game, reward system, and lottery, they also give the user interest for their balance on their faucet account which it paid daily as big as 4.08% per year with just maintain your account balance at least 30,000 satoshis or 0.003 as their minimum requirement to enjoy this benefit.

Easy Bitcoin with Earning System
Easy Bitcoin with Earning System

Referral Program also offers very good rate and could consider quite high rate for their referral program, which for each referral free roll you will got 50%, 25% for their interest, 0.4% for every amount they wager, and for bonuses you will got a RP and Lottery ticket for each referral free roll.

Monthly Contest

There are 2 categories for each contestant qualified to join the Monthly Contest, which: First, you play their Multiply BTC then you will listed on their Wagering Contest, second, even you never play Multiply BTC but your referral does then your are qualified to join their Referral Contest, which total prize is $30.000.

Simple Strategies to Earn with

Well, before you able to earn the very first thing you need to do is register your self to, it not that hard to register, all you need is only to fill your email address, secure password and if necessary you able to setup 2 factor authentication to make your account more secure and safe.

But, for you who felt claiming free bitcoin very tasking and waste your time, then you need to consider to test their Multiply BTC game, with the right settings I believe you will able to make fortune and making a lot bitcoin for you, the benefits not only stop, by playing the game with that your account will able meet their special requirement such as: Free RP and Lottery Ticket for every 1000 satoshis that you wager, earn more Free Bitcoin for each roll, and you account will able to participate wagering monthly contest.

Next is, make use their Earn BTC system, why? By maintain your account balance at least at level 30.000 satoshis or 0.0003 BTC, then you are eligible to claim interest at 4.08% per year and interest compound will paid on daily basis. Bitcoin Faucet Review is a Bitcoin Faucet that offers users to claim free bitcoin for every hour and created at late 2013, the site layout look very simple with main colors combination between grey and black its look very simple with a little taste of classic but the site work perfectly on your smartphone, the site navigation also very simple and placed at top and I believe all of their menus were there and I find no hidden menus.

The site page speed loading fast enough with size 1.66MB and it took me about average 2.5s to 3s to load it completely, The site itself do not contain any third party advertisement such as Google Adsense or anything else, but they do promote their Multiply BTC game every time you done with claiming their free faucet. Personally I do not feel any negative about they promoting their game, after all they still need to make some money to keep the site stay on track.

There is nothing with their security too and I felt it secure enough, equipped with SSL and verified by CloudFlare. You also could enable 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication for Login, Withdrawal, and Profile editing.

Deposit & Withdrawal I made
Deposit & Withdrawal I made Conclusion

For Bitcoin Faucet, I believe this has offered some features that no some others faucet could compare, free from advertisement except their game promoting and I feel it fair enough because they have to make some money in return. Their site security also very high standard and you could compare it with others bitcoin wallet providers, in my case, I already use this as my personal Bitcoin wallet, why? team work very fast, they able sent your BTC fund within 15 minutes and your fund will deposited after 1 network confirmation, beside that while you saving your BTC you will able to make some profits with their earning system.



Faucethub Wallet
Faucethub environment doesn't require to link address and able to earn Bitcoin anytime you want while some of them have very high payout threshold
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Whether you are just starting in cryptocurrency trading, or you've been at it for years, there always seems to be something that you can learn. Cryptocurrency trade is always changing, always evolving Bitcoin Faucet Review is a free bitcoin faucet like the others, has similar concept for their bitcoin faucet with faucet, they offer upto 200$ in bitcoin value grand prize for each roll.