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Posted on 15th Nov 2019 08:08:08 in Blog, Faucets

When I pay money to someone the first thing I would do is to reach my pocket and taking out my Wallet confirm the amount need to be paid and take out the money and give it to them, the thing will work like that when you receive money or your paycheck it would be land into your wallet. When I get to know Bitcoin in 2012 and heard about Wallet for Bitcoin the first thing I think is this Bitcoin Wallet must be like my Wallet on my Pocket, to receive or send Bitcoin or another crypto you have to make your own wallet too and, TA-DA!!! I had my first own Wallet for Bitcoin.

How Does Faucethub Micro-Wallet Work?

Bitcoin Wallet without cash makes me feel so frustrating, after scrolling over and over around the web I find that there is a way to earn some Bitcoin for free and it from Join the faucets. As first-timer, I encounter a lot of faucets which has a very high threshold for withdrawing while in comparison to the Prize very small and makes it almost impossible to withdraw the fund in near future and I decide to give up. After regaining my composure I scrolling again I found Faucethub Microwallet services with a huge list of Faucets that supported by them.

What is Faucet? Faucet is a system that will give away some amount of bitcoin by completing their task, or challenge and some faucets will require you to reach their payout threshold before you can withdraw your prize. I have joined several Faucets for a long time and make some extra cash while doing my Job with my computer, and I almost avoid the Faucets that not connected with Faucethub ecosystem because I know they will put very high payout threshold or maybe close down without any notice (for example and its make wasting you a lot of time and effort, and below I will talk about it for a bit and the reason why I only Join Faucet that connected to the Faucethub.

I had founded several months ago and Join the site immediately and I feel this site is very great because they offer so many features and advantages which other faucet doesn't, which; New Member will receive 1000 Satoshis, up to 100 Satoshis for ads click, low Minimum Payout, Referral program, Mining Game (depend on your Daily Task performance), and Company Shares exchange, At first everything doing good and I nearly reach the Minimum Payout threshold which is 0.0002 BTC but the next day the Website has been taken down and no more without any Notice from that Day I make sure my self will only Join Faucet which Connect to the Faucethub.

But here I will not talking about Scam or how bad the other Faucets, but I'm specifically going to talk about Faucethub Bitcoin Wallet, how will it works, how to create it, and how to earn your first free Bitcoin.

Why Faucethub Bitcoin Wallet?

You will able to find anything and meet everyone you like from the Internet but Scammer patiently wait for the prey in the Darkside of Internet and Scam can happen to the Faucet users too, while you may don't lose money but you wasting a lot of time and efforts because of it, that why if you're a freebies lover and want to earn Bitcoin and the other cryptos I suggest you that you Should Join the Faucethub, before you able start to earn your very first Bitcoin, there are some things you need to do such as take your Bitcoin Wallet Address then Connect (Link) to the Faucethub Wallet system, and Pick Faucet from the list for you to join.

How to Link Address to Faucethub Wallet?

While Faucets outside Faucethub environment doesn't require to link address and able to earn Bitcoin anytime you want while some of them have very high payout threshold in comparison to Faucet within Faucethub system will pay you directly to your Faucethub Wallet immediately as soon as you complete the Faucet challenge but some faucet required to reach payout threshold before withdrawing their earning but it much lower than normal Faucet.

The Direct payment to the Faucethub Wallet is the most advantage Faucet within the system, after you clear about it then next is you have to learn how to Link and connecting your Address to the system, and Here I will explain it step by step; First, you have to own your Bitcoin Address or any other crypto as for it there are so many online services will provide you for free some of them are a big name, such;,,, or much more, but as for me I will choose, why? There so much Features offer that the others don't after grabbing your personal Bitcoin Address then Go to User Dashboard > Wallet Addresses. You will find the Link a New Address form box and which currency you want, take a look this picture below.

If you successful Link your Addresses you will see something like this at your User Dashboard, I have joined Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet for a very long time as you see the time my addresses linked to Faucethub Wallet.

When you sucessfully Link your Address of Cryptos or bitcoin to Faucethub Wallet, now your address is ready and with it your Faucethub Bitcoin Wallet address you eligible to join and claim free bitcoin from the faucet within Faucethub system.

Pick the Best Bitcoin Faucets

TO make Faucethub Bitcoin Wallet is very easy as breathing or count one, two, and three, now you need to learn how to join the Bitcoin Faucet and earn your free Bitcoin, to join all you need is to copy and paste your Address that linked to the Faucethub Wallet and paste it to the Faucet login form box and it will redirect you to challange page and after complete it they will send your earning immediately to your faucethub wallet, and make sure you have to choose the Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet to maximize your profits with minimal time.



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