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Earn Easy Bitcoin without Mining it

Posted on 5th Nov 2019 15:29:16 in Blog, Bitcoin, Make Money

Is there any Easy Bitcoin to get? to answer that question at least you have to understand what is Bitcoin exactly. Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrency or digital currency that created by a group or person called Satoshi Nakamoto, the clear difference between your paper money with bitcoin is there is no middle man for Bitcoin transaction, with this no more Bank, organization or even Country able to control Bitcoin and the best part of Bitcoin is transacted anonymously with very low fee and very fast. However, with that features and benefits, it often abused by somebody for Money Laundering, terrorism, drugs, and more illegal activity.

Earning Bitcoin without Mining ??

I believe some of you start wondering about how to get Bitcoin easily? there are so many people keep wondering if they could have bitcoin with less thing to do, for example, mining bitcoin. To mine Bitcoin, you will not be required to do labor in the mining site with shovel or pickaxe but you need to do is to validate the Blockchain network transaction when approved Network will pay you some amount of Bitcoin. Here the illustration to mine a Single Bitcoin at least you need to have 2 Whatsminer M20s and it will cost you about $3,990 each, the hardware is needed about 3360W power consumption to run each, the calculation is let's say electricity cost per kWh in your country is $0.12/KWh which mean to earn almost single bitcoin about Ƀ 0.9117, electricity will cost you about $ 7,064.06/year If with Bitcoin price today is $9,352.89 and make a gross profit about $ 1,466.63/year that does not include Mining Pool Fee, hardware cost, maintenance cost, and Mining Difficulty which increase from time to time. Indeed, it is Easy Bitcoin without many things to do as long you able to handle the expense.

5 Ways to earn Easy Bitcoin

Not everyone able to bear the Mining Cost, do not need to be discouraged because there are some ways to get Easy Bitcoin with simple thing to do, here we are;

1. Buy Bitcoin from the Marketplace

Without Mining the Bitcoin, you will easily to get Bitcoin on your hand by buying it from the marketplace or trustable vendor, in the marketplace you will able to buy or sell your bitcoin, besides bitcoin there are some other cryptocurrencies and you will able to trade it, All you have to do is make sure to choose trustable and reliable marketplace to avoid risk being scammed. There are many Big Vendors or Marketplace with great reputation regarding it, for example, Coinbase, Bitify, Paxful, Changelly, and more.

2. Doing Task for Bitcoin

There is another way to earn easy bitcoin, which you have to find task or job that paying you with Bitcoin, to start earning the first bitcoin you have to join the sites, here some sites will paying you bitcoin: BitcoinGet, EarnCrypto, and much more. The problem is you will need real patience to achieve certain success.

3. Earn Bitcoin by Reading Book

If you are a someone loves to read books then this the job fits you the most, you will able to earn some of bitcoin just by reading books at PaidBooks and it will pay you certain amount of Bitcoin in return, the rule is simple you have to select the book and you will be logged into page and you will need to claim whenever the timer reaches 0.

4. Content Writer

If you creative enough and got some skill in writing then you will able earn bitcoin with your skill easily, there are many projects, companies and businesses need content regarding anything and they will pay you for it, you could try it at UpWork, Fiverr, or BitcoinTalk.

5. Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Lending

Yes, exactly like you think. It lends your money to other people, peer 2 peer lending like lend your fiat currency to other people with collateral but the difference is most peer 2 peer lending instrument also supports cryptocurrency, which means you will able to lend your Bitcoin to the other party.

That's the 5 ways to earn easy bitcoin, as long you persevered and patient I believe you will amass a lot of bitcoin on your hand. but for number 1 and 5 you need to get your hand cash.



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