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Complete Bitcoin Mining Tutorials for Beginners

Posted on 7th Jun 2019 08:46:37 in Blog, Bitcoin

You have known what is Bitcoin, so after know more about bitcoin, have you ever wonder how to get bitcoin? Nah, on this time article you will able to read a complete things you need to prepare before to start mine your own bitcoin, here you will learn about "How is Bitcoin Mining works?", "How to start Mine Bitcoin?", "Where is the best Bitcoin Mine?", "Software for Bitcoin Mining", and "How to Optimize your Earning", Bitcoin Mining not easy as people said but with right steps Bitcoin Mining became more easier.

How Bitcoin Mining Works?

Before start Mine Bitcoin, you should understand how exactly bitcoin mining works, Bitcoin mining is one of a legal way to earn bitcoin, mine bitcoin happen when a verification program with SHA-256 algorithm run and verify bitcoin transactions that have meet security condition for Bitcoin Network Ledger, and Mining speed could be measured with Hash or H/s or hash per second. After Miner running the verification Bitcoin Networks will pay all miners for their hard work that doing their verification works with their Computer processing with certain amount of Bitcoin depended on activity.

1. Prepare Bitcoin Miners Hardware

To start bitcoin mining, you need to prepare bitcoin miners, at first, to mine bitcoin can be done with your Desktop CPU or Graphic card but its no longer possible because ASIC company released a Chip for bitcoin mining activity that faster and more powerful than traditional miners and start dominate today Bitcoin industries, that make traditional miners look silly and will use more power resources with less earning, for example: Avalon LTD offers their custom build hardware that specialize created for bitcoin mining, beside that more Company start doing that and you will find more kind Bitcoin Miners in marketplace.

 Bitcoin Mining Plans for Beginners
The Best Bitcoin Mining Plans for Beginners

Because preparing the Mining Hardware really cost you, there are some company start to offer people with their Cloud Miners service, this thing make everything became easier because you don't have to own Hardware, Maintenance, and Electricity cost, out there you could find so many companies offers Cloud Bitcoin Mining services with wide-variety rates so you will find no hard time to look them.

2. Choosing the Right Software

After having the right hardware, next is you need to choose the right software to run your mining pool, there are so much bitcoin mining software providers from Paid to free one, so you don't have to worry about it, but what the main different between free and paid software? The big different between them is the Interface, mostly Paid software will supported with GUI ( Graphic User Interface), with GUI the users will more comfortable use the software, but of course there are some additional features too while Free software mostly will use CMD (Command DOS) interface which a little confusing for new users but both have same function which controlling your Bitcoin mining hardware.

Bitcoin Mining Software without GUI

3. Join Bitcoin Mining Pool

After done with preparing Hardware and Software for your Bitcoin Miners, To mine Bitcoin effectively, we suggest you to join Mining pool, why should you join bitcoin mining pool? Before that, bitcoin mining pool is like a miners group which all of them build a group to working together to solve the problem more faster and split the reward according to the contribution, the problem calculation will much faster by doing it with a group than being alone. You might able do the problem calculation by your self but it will take so much time to solve a problem and claim the rewards. so your choice. To join a Pool you only need to consider their Fee, can you take it or not so nothing to worry.

4. Get your Wallet

To save your freshly mined bitcoin you need to use wallet for bitcoin, like your traditional Wallet where you save your money paper, Bitcoin that you got from mining it will be sent to your bitcoin wallet, you can sent or receive bitcoin from the others through your bitcoin wallet.

5. Follow Bitcoin Latest News

To maximize your Bitcoin Mining profit, you have to follow related news about Bitcoin, for example when you about to sell your Bitcoin news about it will help you a lot to gain more profits, or the most profitable setting for your Bitcoin miners also determine if you profit or not.


Bitcoin mining is not simple as you think, you need to bleed a lot to start this business, because the Bitcoin Mining hardware not cheap, beside that Bitcoin Miners are all basically Electricity eater so your Power Monthly cost will be very high and it might put you into Minus line, hardware maintenance required you to devote all your time on it, so you need to reconsider if you able to do it or not or you could choose use Bitcoin Cloud Mining services which less work to do.



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