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Posted on 7th Jun 2019 13:59:19 in Bitcoin, Faucets is a free bitcoin faucet like the others, has similar concept for their bitcoin faucet with faucet, they offer up to 200$ in bitcoin value grand prize for each roll and the users able to claim it for every hours and for you to note that prize will depended on your dice roll numbers.

What is Bitcoin Faucet?

What if Bitcoin Faucet? created at 2018-07-07 and very popular which total users till today reach 156,396 and averagely more or less 1000 users online everyday, To claim their free faucet very easy and there is no special requirement you online need to complete their captcha challenge, and I found there no forced advertisement.

Faucet Claims per Hour
Faucet Claims per Hour

There are 6 kinds different prize for every time you roll and the largest Prize is 200$ and it at Bitcoin value, there is no extra bonuses prize like Faucet even though both their concept look similar.

Coin Open

What is Coin Open? Coin Open is special game prepared by for you who want to try his/her luck to make more extra bitcoin with minimum, in this Coin Open game you able to increase your chance to win the grand prize, and the best part is If by a chance you Lose, you will still able got your prize. Game Game


What is Jackpot? Jackpot similar to Coin Open Game, but at this Jackpot game you will not against the machine but the other players that participate the Jackpot game, the game is very simple all players need to input their wager and the prize will total of that game wager. The Golden Rule is The more you wager the higher chance for you to take it all and beat the other participant.

Partners Program

The partners program quite generous and I believe there are no others faucet except, they offer up to 50% for every free bitcoin faucet roll and 20% for your referral deposit amount. There are total 6 level for your Partner level and the statistic for account is very detail.

Strategies to Earn with

Same like the other bitcoin faucets, at this the first thing you need to do is register your account, then after verifying your email you will able start to claim free bitcoin for every hours, and do not forget to pray a lot so you could hit the Grand Prize very often.

If you are a risk taker, then you should try your luck by playing their Coin Open game or you should brace yourself and fight against the others on Jackpot game, with higher amount you bet your chance to win the game will become higher.

The last thing is take the advantages of their Partners Program, why? They are so generous by take out a very good prize for every referral you refer to them, for each Free Roll you will got up to 50% and for every deposit that made by your referral you will take upto 20%. Review was created at 2018, which very well known and popular as relative new Bitcoin Faucet & Game site, till today there are 156,396 users have register and average 1000 users online. The site layout looks very modern and elegant with main color is black, you could find site sidebar placed at left side which it already contain all site pages and this side very easy to navigate and already mobile friendly

The site loading speed a little slow than average site, it took me about 4 - 4.2 second to load the page completely and with page size 975 KB, sometime there are other Faucet Site advertisement banners (referral link) and sometime are not, there no other advertisement.

I feel that account security are not secure enough because I find there are no other authentication for the site such like 2FA and E-mail confirmation for withdrawal request, while they are secure their site with Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt and I find there is no problem for it too because we have used Let’s Encrypt for years and still doing good. Conclusion

For free bitcoin, still able to compete with but if you feel you are so good with number Jackpot and Coin Open game is good choice for you to play, but for some reasons I do not feel secure enough to leave much Bitcoin in my account, because to withdraw Bitcoin, you do not have to provide 2FA or confirm you withdrawal request by E-mail, if happen someone got your account then you will lose everything before you knew it.

Withdrawal options and fees
Withdrawal options and fees



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