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Bitcoin for your Daily Life

Posted on 7th Jun 2019 14:25:06 in Blog, Bitcoin

In the past few years, different forms of cryptocurrency have emerged. Aside from Bitcoin, which is still the largest of its kind, there are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. However, those not involved in the IT sector have difficulties finding real-life uses for these new types of currencies. The language used in these topics can seem overwhelming for a layman. On the other hand, people don't realize the potential of Bitcoin. It can improve a person's quality of life immensely, without having to do intense research. Here are some tips on using Bitcoin in real life and how it can enhance your everyday lifestyle.

Bitcoin on your Daily Life
Bitcoin on your Daily Life

Bitcoin Also Able to do These

Using Bitcoin for Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate has long been a reliable and profitable choice. In recent years, the instability of the market has caused many to be wary of such investments. With Bitcoin, however, the reliability and anonymity of its users has made buying houses easier than ever. Some real estate companies, such as Knox Group in United Arab Emirates and Magnum Real Estate in New York, have begun to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment as they have recognized the benefits of using it. On the other hand, many other companies are still distrustful of this currency. Although not every real estate company accepts it, more and more individual sellers are turning to Bitcoin. This means that you can use Bitcoin in real life if you find houses sold by owners who accept Bitcoin.

When you are moving, it's important to be organized. You should always use a professional moving company, even if your move is a local one. Using a reliable company ensures that your items are safe and handled properly.

You can spend Bitcoin on education

Even though most universities in the world still don't accept Bitcoin as payment, there are some who do. The first one among them was the University of Cyprus which recognized the potential of this cryptocurrency. Following them, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland also allowed this form of payment. The University of Cambria in Great Britain and King's College in the United States quickly followed suit. These universities are aware that those who choose this type of currency are likely to understand its uses and ways of attainment, and are thus involved in the fast-paced advancement of technology.

Using Bitcoin in real life for travelling

If you enjoy traveling, Bitcoin can be your best friend. More and more airlines are starting to accept this currency. The first one among them was Air Lituanica based in Lithuania. Back in 2014, they recognized the potential of Bitcoin and allowed their passengers to pay for tickets and other services with it. Following them, Air Baltic from Latvia and LOT from Poland also integrated this form of payment.

Pay your Flight with Bitcoin
Pay your Flight with Bitcoin

Many websites will also help you find not only flights but also accommodations and additional services that you can pay for with Bitcoin. For example, has some of the best listings in this area. Moreover, Expedia offers a similar experience, and it will give you more diverse options.

Charities are a good way to use Bitcoin in real life

In the past few decades, people have become discouraged from donating to charities. This is due to the increasing corruption in such organizations. Those who donate cannot be sure that their donations will arrive in the intended hands. However, Bitcoin dispels all of those doubts. The security that comes with Bitcoin has made many charities turn to it as a form of donation. The pioneer in this was a charity called Sean's Outpost. They are located in Florida and are dedicated to providing meals for the homeless.

You can spend Bitcoin on food

While some might find it hard to believe, there are ways to earn free Bitcoin and even buy food using this currency. Many fast food chains and stores have opted for this form of payment. For example, Subway sandwiches offers customers the option of paying with Bitcoin, although in selected stores only. For a limited amount of time, KFC in Canada sold their buckets for Bitcoin. Furthermore, there are coffee shops which accept Bitcoin. There is a company in the Czech Republic called Bitcoin Coffee and that is the only type of currency they accept. And even Burger King in one of its branches in the Netherlands gives the option of paying for burgers using Bitcoin. No matter where you are in the world, you can find fast food that you can pay for in this cryptocurrency.

Buying home decor with Bitcoin

One of the uses of Bitcoin in real life that everyone can relate to is buying furniture. In recent years, online shopping has become easier and more affordable than ever, including shopping for furniture. The first online furniture company to accept payments in Bitcoin is Overstock, as early as 2014. Three years later, they announced that their yearly profits in Bitcoin were around $5 million dollars. Aside from accepting payments in Bitcoin, the company is working on being able to pay taxes in this way.

If you are unsure how Bitcoin mining works, there are many helpful tutorials for beginners. Look for those that use simple language and are easy to understand.

Using Bitcoin in real life for cars

More and more individuals are turning to selling their used cars for Bitcoin. This is due to the reliability it offers, as well as its increasing value. However, not only individual sellers are making use of this phenomenon. World-famous car manufacturers and dealerships are also following this trend. For example, Lamborghini sold the first car in California using this method. After them, Tesla, a major electric car company, also accepted this form of payment, and you can even buy a car online completely using Bitcoin. Furthermore, companies such as Bugatti, Bentley, and Rolls Royce have opted for this form of payment. It is interesting to note that the Czech Republic has the highest number of car dealers that accept this payment method.

Bitcoin is not only for the tech-savvy

It definitely takes a certain amount of knowledge of the technology in order to mine Bitcoin. However, its uses are not only for the virtual world. You don't have to be a tech whiz to know how to use Bitcoin in real life. All you need is some research and an open mind. With this guide, you will surely find interesting and useful ways to spend your earnings.

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Bitcoin for your Daily Life
It can improve a person's quality of life immensely, without having to do intense research. Here are some tips on using Bitcoin in real life and how it can enhance your everyday lifestyle.