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Talking about Cryptocurrency, I have known it since early 2012, at that time Bitcoin & Bitcoin Mining still not popular like today, its very long journey, even though there are so many new cryptocurrencies but there is no crypto could beat Bitcoin popularity, after thinking for several days at November 2018, I decided to create this, on here you will able to find Cryptos List, Mining related, Fun Bitcoin Faucet, and High Risk Investment Program (HYIP Monitor, to complete these tasks I decide to use and adept some technologies and you will see it on below:

That's it, All of our technologies already listed, but in near future we may list more technologies that we use.

Our Bitcoin Faucet

Here You will able to find our Bitcoin Faucet on this site, and everyone will able to claim it every hour and it will reward you with some satoshi in exchange complete our Captcha Challange, What? Do you want to know why we Giving away satoshi? We'll able to earn a little money from our advertising space but we often top up from our pocket money to cover up our Faucet reward, because today so many people disable their Cookies & Block the Ads. So, please enable your cookies and disable your ads blocker program. The most important thing is please do not try to use any kind of bots, malware, VPN, or proxies to cheat our Faucet, we'll know it and close your account and blacklist your IP Address.

HYIPs Monitor (High Yield Investment Program)

You will able to find up our HYIPs Monitor section, we'll try to deliver information about these HYIPs into a special table of listing with some important information about thus, such as Alexa Ranking, Our Investment, Withdrawal process, Accepts, and Referral. But, we'll not write any kind of review or words of encouragement for them. So, just do an investment that you afford to lose.

Faucet Web Lists

After seeing what technologies we are using, you must know what features we are offering to you, Premium Listing on the list which means it's very attractive and eyes catching that will attract visitors toward you newly site, no ugly javascript and using direct link to your site which improves your site authority and SEO, Ranking by Alexa, Rank and Alphabet sort feature, Not only that, the List design very simple, neat, and clean and you will like it a lot.

unlike other Faucet List that only focuses on Affillation, and Making little more money with Ugly Javascript, our Faucet Lists are completely different, Our Faucet List does not contain any ugly javascript for and less Affiliate link, Sorted by Faucet Alexa ranking, Alphabet, Premium Listing, simple & Clean, edited by Professional, and more features will be add in future.

We encouraged people to copy and paste all our Web list into their page without any notice or contact.

To Keep our healthy we accept any kind advertisement, sponsorship or premium listing on certain category beside Google Adsense which we already mention it on our privacy policy please read it to make all clear. For more question please don't hesitate to contact us by using our Contact form.