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Top 10 HYIP Monitors

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What is HYIP?

HYIP Monitors - What is HYIP? HYIP or known as the High Yield Investment Program in words HYIP is a high return investment program or it is a place where you able to make fast money. Like an economic principle, the workers on the cyber world making money for their services while Businessman makes profits from their skills like entrepreneurship, and the Investors get their shares from the dividend from their capital investment. If analogous to the HYIP work system, the HYIP admin as Businessman that need Capital to run their business, because of it they will open to any kind size investment to funding their business, usually, they have some workers and staff to help them out.

To talk about the Profit that you will make based on how much capital you invest to HYIP, there are many variations of the benefits offered and it start from 0.1% to 15% daily, however, mostly the profit will be generate in the end of period of HYIP plans and the return will be two or three times of your capital investment.

HYIP Period Plans

There some plans that usually HYIP offers to their investors and the names may not exactly same, which:

  • Short Term: may reward you with the smallest profit within a short time.
  • Middle Term: may reward you with medium profit within 8 to 15 days.
  • Long Term: may reward you with quite a sum of profit within a month.
  • Investors Term: giving you the highest amount profit it may up to 2 times or 3 times within certain of time.

How will the HYIP owner pay up your capital at a high rate within a short time? Most of HYIP company says they will use their money pool to invest in Forex or cryptocurrency exchange which their expertise, there are so many and different company offers a wide variety HYIP with International Company supporting them financially but unfortunately most of them does not able to pay up their due. So how the Profit will be generated? The profits come from newest investors that join the HYIP later, in other words, this is a money game or Ponzi scheme on large scale, no HYIP able stay too long because there are no new investors anymore will join them.

Characteristics of HYIP

Eventhough HYIP mostly are Evil and Scammer, still so many people want to try their luck just 1 or 2 hours after new HYIP sites launched there are so many people already registered and invest on it, so how you identify HYIP sites? and what is the characteristics of HYIP? Know more about HYIP will bring you more benefits and profits without losing, here some characteristics of HYIP, which:

  • ROI (Return of Investment) achieved in a couple of hours
  • Mostly HYIP giving high profit in return
  • Company doesn't exist mostly are virtual
  • Referral program very generous
  • All of them have a similar design
  • Unreliable data and statistic
  • Some HYIP offers a bonus for each deposit
  • Auto Withdrawal but some only empty words
HYIP Monitors

There are so many scammers in this industry from HYIP that not paying or HYIP that asking deposit more to enable withdrawal function and much more, because of that HYIP Monitors is very thing you need to check before doing any investment into HYIP sites, what HYIP Monitors do? HYIP Monitors is an independent site that strives and collecting basic data about HYIP sites such as Alexa ranking, withdrawal system, referral, accept, paying or scam status, and much more, some HYIP Monitors will do a test the HYIP site by make a deposit and withdrawal or even write a review about target HYIP after it.



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